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Elevate your aquarium experience with our custom lids tailored to your tank's dimensions. To ensure a perfect fit, we invite you to provide us with your tank measurements and a clear picture. Our expert team will craft a lid that seamlessly complements your setup while ensuring the safety of your aquatic inhabitants. Unlock a personalized touch for your underwater world - share your tank details with us today!

Tank Dimensions:
What are the length and width dimensions of your tank?
Glass thickness?
(If the tank has a rim please send inside lip dimensions)

Tank Shape:
Is the tank shape rectangular, cylindrical, or another shape?

Access Points:
Are there any openings or access points on the tank that the lid needs to accommodate (e.g., hatches, inspection ports, filters, cords)?

Special Requirements:
Are there any specific design requirements or features you would like for the custom lid (e.g., hinged, ventilation)?

Salt or Freshwater Tank?

A sketch of the lid can be sent if that is easier for you.
Thank you